Sunday, 8 November 2009

Bizzaro Morning

Advice for the masses :: if you are awoken to the sound of an explosion at seven o'clock on a saturday morning and then you look outside to see a massive fireball coming from the direction of the road and then you rush, half-naked, down to said road and notice a vehicle on the shoulder completely engulfed in flames with nary a soul around and then you scurry back up the hill to your house to call in the fire department and then you race back down, completely clothed this time, to check that the fire hasn't spread from the car and the grass to your trees... do not as a next step - and this is the advice bit - do not wake up your blissfully ignorant and slumbering spouse to inform them that they should not be alarmed when a squadron of fire trucks suddenly shut off their sirens outside your driveway.

Apparently it is not necessary or appropriate and furthermore, NO ONE CARES about your little so called emergencies!

You have been warned.

Random recent photos of a non-explosive nature...


Rachel said...

Oh no! Is the driver of the exploding vehicle okay? I thought that only happened in the movies.

On an unrelated note, I like Effie's modifications to Anders' hair.

And oh, yeah, I get it...C(raig), G(illian), F(ergus), E(ffie) and...T(ree)?

mesmith said...

This had all the signs of a on-purpose-fire: financial combustion?? I also woke up Our Raphael and he was indifferent - "oh yeah, I've seen that happen before"!?!?!

T is for Trapper (and Tree!)

Rachel said...

Oh, Trapper. That's so bittersweet. It is interesting how present he is in your children's minds. We've been talking dogs tonight. Otto told us that he dreamed we got one. And then Max said he had also dreamed that we had one, although his dream was a long time ago.

anna kiss said...

I've seen cars on fire twice (maybe more than that driving by on the freeway) but none that had exploded spontaneously. One had caught on fire spontaneously, though.

That is definitely something!