Sunday, 13 September 2009

Happy Birthday

The Goose is six today! Long live The Goose!! Me and a selection of people Fergus holds dear (and visa versa) made a happy birthday movie for him. Thank you selection-of-people-Fergus-holds-dear! My apologies to those who, thanks to my own lazyness, didn’t get a chance to contribute. And for those who tried to contribute but only made it as far as the cutting room floor... do better next time eh!?!

Happy Birthday Fergus


Rachel said...

Wooo Hooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!

What a BIG DAY! We all sat together and watched your video and now we are sending you MORE birthday wishes for a wonderful year. Six is so fantastic! And so, of course, is Fergus! Yipppeeee!

We love you!

Rachel said...

Oh, and I forgot to say, I really like Gillian's new glasses!

Michele James-Parham said...

Happy Birthday from Michele & Elijah (who will be 6 on Friday)!

Zenmomma said...

Happy birthday Fergus! (a few days late)

Ronnie said...

Love it!

Happy Belated Birthda-da-da-day, Fergus! We miss you! We love you!

Frank said...

Happy late birthday, my little friend! Looking forward to seeing you next month!