Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Food Fight

The cousins came over. We gave them Coombs weapons. My brother reports that his kids say it helps them fight with each other better... and we all need us some of that!


There once was a time when I came home to pipe and slippers and the kiddos were all tubbed and scrubbed and snuggled in their beds. Or was that a movie? Here's a pic of the aftermath of Ferg demonstrating what the heck them unschoolers DO all day anyway :: attack various fruits and veggies with the contents of the odd-ball-kitchen-utensil drawer of course! Very cool.

New bikes (woot woot) and a birthday package from the A.Nut:


Rachel said...

That is the most impressive display of mutilated produce that I have ever seen.

Zenmomma said...

Most excellent banner picture dude! Oh and love the kitchen aftermath. :o)