Thursday, 20 April 2017

Port Alberni '17

Scenes from the excellent multi-family trip to the lodge in Port Alberni.

the croquet crew..

post-croquet brew..

braiding Erich's hair:


Effie went to Long Beach with a pile of people..

Fergus preferred the local/ excellent fish n' chips shoppe to a long drive to the beach..

Post fish n' chips donut run:


Checkers (official checkers pose):

Rummy Tile

Gillian and Kelly playing a relaxed game of rummy tile:

Ferg, Forrest and Xander playing Coup;

Ferg made Forrest a froggy drawing:

Sam's drawing of Forrest (colourized by Fergus):

ukuleles around the fire..

Easter hunt scenes..

Tallest to shortest (Kiley, Erich, Kevin, Cameron, Xander, Matt, Forrest, Sam, Frankie, Autumn, Effie, Fergus, Noah, Cooper, Baelin, Hugo. Can't really call all of them kids anymore. Now referred to as the second generationers:

Oldest to youngest:

Kiley taking a hunt break - down at the river:

Riverside Lodge guard dog:

Brunch crew:

Chris getting a picture taken "by himself" on his birthday (with me and Ryan):


Frisbee (Kiley and Fergus):

More frisbee:

The Ultimate Frisbee championship team:

Building stuff:

'smores around the fire:

Ferg was holding court out at the fire all night:

Lounging on the only sunny morning all week.. with Kristal, Kyla and Rob:

Big chair lounging:





Ferg and Ryan playing blokus (Ferg kinda got around! he certainly thrives in these environments)

Kiley and Kevin making spaghetti sauce:

A rainy walk:

Trip home - starbucks breakfast including the not-so-good unicorn drink:

Cathedral Grove - Effie, Autumn, Erich:

At the big tree, Cathedral Grove:

Effie's polaroid shot put to use:

Effie's polaroids:

Back home with Xander and Kevin:

Sunset trip to Tower Point:

The whole gang in one photo:

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