Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Annual Portland Trip

On the boat headed to Portland and the Life is Good Conference.

Fergus' annual swim prior to the masses arriving at the conference pool..

Ferg and buds KJ, Kevin and Xander at the food court:


Hosting the "Two Rooms and a Boom" funshop..

A hug/ protecting the sister from the glass elevator view:

Noah, Julian, Xander, Dylan, Ferg, Forrest:

Panorama shot of Portland from hotel room - downtown on the left:

Effie's various experiments on Ferg's hair:

Family shots:

Ferg makes himself at home among friends:

More elevator:

Boys at the back..



Gillian's talk:

The dance:

Ferg enjoying the science/juggling show:

Satori receiving the coveted bucket o' cheese balls:



Left to Right (starting with Kiley's toes)... Kiley, Sam, Satori, Raiden, Julia, Julian, Twin, KJ, Twin, Melissa, Kloey, Effie, Mitchel, Xumei, Kevin

Erich's frisbee form:

Heading to dinner:

Gillian-Kristal on hamburgers:

Worst meal selection ever - chicken burger with waffles as the bun (Red Robin):

Last night games:

The Fergus:


On the Coho home with the Duncan crew:


Rachel said...

Oh thanks for posting all these photos! Makes me feel (almost!) like we were there! Next year, I hope. What is that game you are playing on the last night?

mesmith said...

yes, next year!
"Betrayal At House On The Hill"... a non-Craig game (Craig enjoys Left-Right-Centre, a simple dice rolling game). They all seemed really into it and it went on for a long time but I'm not sure the enjoyment level. I'll let Gillian provide the details!