Sunday, 21 September 2014

Happy B'day Goose

(Fergus' favourite Yam Tempura and Seafood Pate at Yoshi's Sushi, with Grandma & Grandpa)
(Craig made his mum's Tourtiere Pie and there were Shirley Temple "cocktails", followed by 1.5hrs trying to figure out how to open this year's present from A.Nut Jane - about which she confessed: "The box is from Morroco and I bought in one of the souks there especially for Fergus as I hatched my diabolical plot as soon as I saw them.")
(Cookie Monster is the result of many happy hours scrolling through trying to decide WHICH ONE??)

Seven years on, this remains one of our favorite video clips. Long live Conrad Birdie!!

("We love you Conrad, oh yes we do. When we're not near ya, we're blue. Oh Conrad we love you.")

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