Thursday, 13 September 2012

I'm 9 Today

I'm 9 Today from mesmith on Vimeo.


rumomma said...

Happy Hasp Day Fergus. We cannot even imagine a world withou you. You are so very fabulous💚We think you are a super awesome friend. Thanks for always making us smile 🎇for sharing your passions with us 💨And mostly thanks for being a forever friend. We miss you like crazy and wish we had a teleportation device so we could surprise you with a birthday visit.

Rachel said...

Happy birthday, Fergus! We have been thinking about you all day and remembering so many things about you that we love. We are missing you more on September 13 than usual, which is saying something.
Love, Rachel, Martin, Max & Otto

Mister Smith said...

Thank you Shannon et al. I assume "Hasp day" is some kinda gang speak from your neck of the woods? Woo hoo!!!

Thanks Rachel and co... the b'day boy is having a great day. he tried not waking up until i got home from the office but alas he went to bed too early!