Sunday, 3 June 2012

Visit from a Chicagweegie'ite

We welcomed 1/4ths of our unschooly american friends this weekend as Martin was in the neighbourhood:

Burning Martin

Waffling Martin

Walking Martin

There is no photographic evidence of Martin's epic 4 hour inaugural ocean kayaking trip but here's a pic of one of the many methods used to dry out his clothing/ shoes/ wallet... taking fruit leather to a whole new level:

Oop... newly found kayaking photo:

Relaxing Martin

Pinball Chacha Martin

Martin walks to the lake (and complains about not being able to drink martinis there)...

Martin shoots a deer... with a camera... coincidentally on his way to arrow practice:

Martin shoots...

Martin eats bbq pizza (sorry Rachel!)...

1 comment:

Rachel said...

3/4 of us just smiled the whole way through this post, stopping to note the things we recognized and the things we did not (where is this pinball cha cha machine, for instance?). So so glad you made it to the lake! And started fires! And spotted deer! And arched your bows! You have wowed us with all you managed to fit into the short weekend. Love and miss you all. And there is certainly no need to apologize for feeding Martin your delicious pizza. The boys and I intend to stay long enough on our next visit to warrant at least two occasions of it.