Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Deep fried coffee snow

Game bird:
Ferg's been enjoying coffee lately (the decaf). He has a slightly unusual coffee drinking style...
At the fish n' chips place with G&G:
Yup... deep fried mars bar...
Here we all are at the voting place. We kinda failed in that whole bring-yer-kids-and-show-them-democracy" thing. With the four of us in two side-by-side voting cubbies, Gillian kept asking me who I was voting for and I kept telling her she wasn't allowed to talk to me... and then we struggled over which school trustees to vote for cause we don't really care about school trustees and I said I was voting for the ones with the best signs... and then we had a referendum question to answer that neither of us had thought about at all but which kinda affects us and to which we voted "no" but kinda wished we had voted yes and then the yes vote ended up winning... yup we taughts them kidlets good!
Gillian and her shadow in Sidney:
It snowed last week! This is as much as we got:
Grandma and Grandpa had more:

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Rachel said...

A deep fried mars bar, a decaf latte (with a straw) and a scoop of snow on the side. Yum.