Monday, 12 September 2011

The All-Nighter

On the weekend, Matt initiated pulling an all-nighter with his friends Effie and Dan... the plan being to stay up all night watching movies and then going to see the sun rise in the wee hours.
Ferg and Noah also got in on the action. Here they are at the 4 am mark (interestingly posing behind some bottles). I think they played Swords and Sandals in those seats all night long.
They made it. Sunrise:
These two were rather "forced" to participate as well (I was snugly sound asleep in my sleeping bag at this moment):


Rachel said...

It's a beautiful thing, the all nighter. A big accomplishment for the average person. But I must point out that for your clan, this is only staying up a couple hours past their usual bedtime, right? Still pretty impressive. And I love the shot of Kristal and Gillian, who look joyously sleep deprived and deliriously happy. All that bright pink and red and glowing sky is such a happy contrast to the imaginary band cover art.

mesmith said...

Well, this was well beyond just another late night as per our usual. Ferg had actually been up since 7:30 saturday morning as he picked that day to get up 3 hours early and watch soccer with me!! 3/4ths of us crashed at 8:30 am sunday on the drive home.

It was a blast - hopefully not repeated too often!