Sunday, 26 June 2011

Weekend of the soleil

This weekend, Goose ranked up to Brigadier (we now salute him before bed); three of us went to the circus (and now we so have to install a wall next to our trampoline!) and then for ice cream; and finally the IN valid was seen sunning herself amongst her 642 books and seven seasons of The West Wing that's she's set aside/horded for her recovery period...

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Rachel said...

OMG, that trampoline/wall combo is freaking amazing and terrifying at the same time. Right around the 4:30 mark, when they start jumping from tramp to tramp AND flipping at the same time, my heart almost stopped. I was imagining Fergus and Effie doing this, and I was also considering the fact that your trampoline is round and no manner of wall to tramp combination will remedy that.

Sounds and looks like a wonderful weekend. I'm so happy Gillian is recovering and sunning and you are all enjoying this time together. Love to everyone.