Monday, 30 May 2011

Scenes from unschooling park day

We now enter the decompressing, mildly depressing, phase of the conference as the majority of people have headed home. I was actually envious of Pucky, Shannon and family's 10 hour drive to Santa Clara today - no border, no ferry. We'll be doing that tomorrow. First off, we had the final unschooling event - a day at the park where thankfully the weather cooperated.



Gillian & Jenny


Wild kids

Frank, Ronnie, Kimya's rainbow head:

Group shot of conference kiddos. Ferg's the lone wolf, far right. Eff's the loner wolf who chose not to be in the photo...


Cap'n Franko said...

Ahhhhhhh! We must see y'all again before too much calendar goes to the recycling bin!

Rachel said...

Oh, there are those slippery wonderful rocks. It's so weird to see all these familiar places and not be there with you. Looks like the weather was at least good at the end. And are you home now, decompressing, and depressing? We'll have to have a good catch up call soon and discuss our extreme need to see you all in person before long. I'm thinking September/October timeframe?