Sunday, 13 February 2011

Movie Marathon II

Our wee family has developed a new found love of the swimming pool. We’ve gone to the pool off and on over the years, but water has never really been our friend. Now, suddenly, excitedly and through their own motivations, Eff and Ferg are dunking their heads under water, propelling themselves with flippers and kick boards and discovering all sorts of new opportunities. So, this is a pretty cool journey.

But they frown on cameras in public pools for some reason, so... here's some pics from this weekend's activities:

Matt's been down for another movie marathon - Star Wars the theme this time around. The film buffs and their Darth Maul dip...

Protocol Droid Pasta:

Noah hung around long enough to enjoy some Yoda Soda
(kids do not understand lime wedges for some reason!?!):

The two of us had to support Hockey Day in Canada solo (in the pissing rain):

The skies cleared for some drawing and film-location scouting:

I had to hide in the reeds to capture this ("just decided to go for a walk now?"
Effie enquired upon spotting me):

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Rachel said...

That is some impressive dip! And I really love that last photo. Too bad you were detected.