Sunday, 21 November 2010

Kid in the snow, way to go, it only happens once a year

Recent power outage and the playing of Rrrrrrracko!

Some shots of our weekend of snow:

"It's frickin' freezing our here Mr. Bigglesworth" says Effie (Austin Powers is the movie of the moment):

An always-expanding webkinz collection:


Rebecca said...

I thought G. said there wasn't that much snow!! Or... were the snow angels made off-site (Sidney, maybe?).

Looks like a very fun time was had by all. (That was the frikin' bone being thrown, btw.)

Rachel said...

You guys make power outages look so fun. What's Racko?

It has still been warm enough in Chicago to run around with no jackets. But the snow a-coming. Should be here just in time to screw up all holiday travel (the American holiday of Thanksgiving). We're hosting, so we get to kick back and make soup while our guests fight their way here in the blizzard. But it should be fun. Miss you guys!