Wednesday, 25 August 2010

I've been in a cave... for forty days

Here Ferg is laying out some weapons for a Halo battle he's planning three weeks or so from now (he has very set plans for his birthday celebration this year!)...

Ten p.m. multi-egg option feeding...

Grannie and Grandad swung by for a visit:

Ferg and Grandad had a major grass epee battle:

The requisite shot of someone uncomfortably playing Rock Band drums:

This post brought to you by I Still Believe by The Call
bye bye Michael Been


Rachel said...

I love to see egg making at 10 pm...although I must repeat...poached eggs are easier in these:

And I hadn't heard that Michael Been died. I'm listening to I Still Believe, takes me back to the (good part of the) 80s.

aquariusfive said...

Fergus setting out weapons for his birthday is soooo touching. Frankie often does this; setting up play areas or forts in her room days before a friend is due to come over. Of course it is usually destroyed by the time the big day arrives. Just shows you how much kids live in the moment.