Wednesday, 20 January 2010


I fear perhaps I may be getting noses out of joint - like "Why just Ronnie? Why not me?"

Yes you! But you *know* you are implicitly invited. You would not hold back your desire to come here and visit with us fearing you had not received a formal invitation. Unfortunately there was some hiccup in Ronnie's upbringing that rewired that particular brain synapse, and so she requires overkill! We look forward to seeing you ALL at your earliest and most frequent convenience!

I will further lure you with some of Effie's photographs:


Zenmomma said...

Invitation? We don't need no stinkin' invitation! ;-)

Linda H. said...

Gillian, thank you so much for your beautiful comments on my blog. I wish I could paste them to the inside of my brain somehow so I would not forget them at those times when I doubt whether people will want to read anything I have to say.

We do want to come up and visit and it is good to know that we do not have to wait for an official gathering and invitation. We just still (eep!) have to get our passports. I unfortunately have a deep fear of government officials which feeds my procrastinatory nature... (that sounds like something dirty, doesn't it?) But once we do you will be at the top of the list of our road trip destinations!

Carolyn said...

The pop up will come (with us!) for sure! Here's hoping we'll see you in OR next weekend??? Can you squeeze in an extra day or 10 in Portland??? Open invitation here,too! :)

Rachel said...

My nose wasn't particularly out of joint, but the clarification is definitely helpful. ;)