Monday, 3 August 2009

The Big Heat

Effie stays cool in the heat through dips in the lake, waffles and Fiddler on the Roof. Ferg prefers banana slushies and flannel outfits.

Ferg was excited to see that his spilled pop looked like Electro from Spiderman:

And... Happy Birthday Gillian: loving wife/ mother/ daughter/ sister/ succumber to internet evils Facebook...

Oh, and... I know a few people who would be totally into this: Nutella and Gummi Bear Sandwich (featuring the Best. Song. Ever!)


Frank said...

Happy birthday!

Rachel said...

The thrills! (A beautiful cake, piles or presents, happy birthday Gillian!)

The spills! (Totally cool shape, Fergus.)

The chills! (I will never be able to enjoy a nutella and gummi bear sandwich ever again. Ever.)

Carolyn said...

When was your birthday! Happy happy (and go buy that pink sparkly guitar!!!) :) Love, C

mesmith said...

Now Rachel, you should really learn to embrace your inner German. I'm sure Martin can come up with stranger stuff.