Friday, 24 July 2009

RU Fun lost and found

Here's a collection, documented by Effie, of some of the things left behind at our house recently. The majority of these items most likely belong to the Parksvillians (they're like that), but just in case they look familiar to anyone...


Another sword

Charger thingy (for iPhone?)

Nunchucks (Batman)

Sandals (Steven?)


Deer skull

Half a freezie


Shower products (from RU Fun 2008)

RU Fun :: most likely the only gathering on the planet that combines jello pudding, swords, nunchucks and deer skulls.


Rachel said...

I'm pretty sure that's my freezie. How much do you think it would be to send that our way?

MMmommy said...

Yes we do often leave things behind to ensure we will see you all again ... you caught us .. and yes the iphone charger is ours and the numb chucks (is that even how you spell that) ...

if the top swords as an M or K on it then it does also begin to our forgetful clan ...

the freezie, maybe?

Zenmomma said...

The pudding is mine. I'm thinking the cup with "Qacei" on it might belong to Steven.