Sunday, 14 June 2009

Family Dance

Scenes from the second annual homelearners dance... I think the tunes were a little more appropriate for the audience this year as Gillian spent the past six months getting some of the more standard fare out of the library. I remained steadfast in my refusal to play anything with the words "pour", "some", "sugar", "on, or "me" however.

This is where the kids were (until I started pumping out the Miley Cyrus that is)...

Meah in a box:

The Helen birthing watch continues. We thought maybe The Macarena had gotten things started but false alarm:


Fergus dancing...


Zenmomma said...

Oooooh....will there be Miley Cyrus at RU FUN? Maybe a little Hoedown Throwdown? Do let me know, so I can plan my escape accordingly.

helen said...

what a fab. family dance! thank you for all the effort - you guys totally go above and beyond. and tha laughs prior to the dance - i'm still cackling over the amazing ability i had to spray myself in the face:) thought you might like to flaunt that evidence.

i must confess to being puzzled though: there seems to be an abscence of the helen-serving-pizza-yet-again-although-she-did-change-her-shirt pic ???