Thursday, 16 April 2009

Okanagan Vay Kay

Sunny and warm here though we haven't left the house much! Ferg's preferred location is in front of the wii tv - lots of good-time gaming is gettin' done:

Nightly ritual:

Yorkshire pudding prep (and Gini modeling her new bangs):


Reading "Where The Wild Things Are". Tried to get Grannie excited about the trailer for the cool new Spike Jonze movie but she was having none of it and went on about "in her day" and "we used our imagination" and "walked five miles backwards in the snow barefoot" and whatnot. Silly Grannie.

Harry Potter building cards:


Rebecca said...

I hope everyone is feeling better! (heard through the g.vine that some noses were sniffly)

Carolyn said...

Oh I love me some Yorkshire Pudding! Might just have to make some soon...