Saturday, 20 October 2007


Ferg's "birthday party for a marble"

Paper doll making (yeah Diana!)

"Girl in a hat on a swing"

A toothbrush collection (everyone has one right?)



diana-still-evolving said...

Dear Fergus,
We have Marble Works at our house, too and we LOVE to play with it! We also have lots of yarn, though I never thought of using it for Marble Birthday Party Decorations ~ thanks for the idea. When you're ready to come visit me, I hope we get to play marbles together.
Love, diana ♥

diana-still-evolving said...

Dear Effie,
You are my inspiration to unpack! Mixed in with the stuff I moved is lots of stuff for you. I did manage to keep track of a... well, I'm not gonna tell you what it is, let's just say I know where at least one part of your gift is :) and I just know you'll love it! I hope to see you real soon, neighbor :D
diana ♥